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Ok, I will let you be the judge of some of the few portraits i have done. They were taken in South america. I wanted to show more of the person, not and their diginity not their humble or undignified circumstances. I have to scan and such so bear with me that they are not immediately forth coming.
Ah, dont misunderstand me Aggie, it is the context within the pics that sometimes piss me off. For example if you find an old lady with an interesting face, deep brown skin wearing a typical hat, it is hard to resist, I have done it myself. But the Barbaum pic actually shows the woman sitting on the floor obviously in the act or getting ready to beg. This is the kind of thing that bug me. I dont mind a portrait made of a farmer or a poor person were the picture shows character and the face is interesting , but the kind of pictures showing people begging, or naked kids asking for money or in the middle of a dirty street in a ghetto really piss me off. Hell if I go to the US chances are under many of the bridges or underpasses in any city I can find a guy begging with a sign that says "help a vietnam vet" etc...how come the same guys who come here to take pics of poor people dont take those pics? That is what I am talking about, the deliberate exploitation under the guise of "art" when the problem is not just one that exists in this country.