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I seem to remember way back in the mists of time, in the early fiftys I lusted after one of these, and pressing my nose close to the camera store window to get a closer look , as far as I recall it took 40.5 mm push on filters. At that time I recall the Epsilon shutter had a bad reputation, although I never owned one.
Okay, now we've got a second mention of the 40.5 push-on filters. We're getting really curious what you find when back from your hols, Richard...

Epsilon shutters: hmm, well, we have one on a post-war 5in Ross WA. The lens is very sharp, but the shutter is a little unreliable indeed. We check it a couple of times before taking the plunge of making an exposure. What we really need to do is take it apart and take a long and severe look at its insides to make it behave properly. No idea why its so unstable. Bad design?