Unless you print 40"X60" 6MP (D1X) is fine. And it's in a weather resistant body with a electronic shutter that routinely goes half a million clicks before needing attention. For a pittance you have a durable body that produces great images for the next 5-10 years easy. Us old film shooters don't bang away at cameras like the young ones so if ya pay attention a deal can be had for that "disposable" camera. If you haven't used one they handle an awful lot like my Nikon F5. And then there's that legacy glass thing Nikon does.

This is a 70% crop 4MP shot from a Nikon P&S digi. Resolution is a selling point for most people. They have a far more useful life if you fon't get caught up in the minutia of electronic wizardry.

Sorry but it's an issue with me that they are disposable. They're not unless you need to keep up with the Joneses.