In the interest of keeping analog photography alive, I have a routine that I use which I hope will make a difference.
My local camera store has a limited selection of 120 film and darkroom supplies; to obtain the stuff I like (APX, Rodinal, Neopan, HP5+, et al.) I must use web orders. To show suppliers that the interest is still there, I will rotate my web orders; one time I will order from Freestyle, the next time from Calumet, the third from B&H, etc. It's a little more trouble, but I hope to spread the wealth this way.
Does anyone else do this? Will it help?

Also, could someone explain a little economics to me? I thought that when a product or service is in high demand, prices for that product/service will rise.
When there is little demand, the supplier will lower prices to stimulate buying.
The demand for film and paper and chemistry is falling(?), so shouldn't the prices be going down also? They seem to be going up. Why?