Hallo all,

I hope that this is regarded as an "ok" topic here, rather than needing to be on DPUG, as I believe it is primarily specific to the use of darkroom wet prints - anyway, here goes...

How do you get a reasonable representation of your darkroom b/w wet prints digitised?

I ask this because I would like to share some prints in the gallery here but when I flatbed scan the prints there is a fair amount of work to be done on the file to make it look *similar* to the print and a degree of "blooming" is evident where a very light patch on the print meets a dark patch - results not good and a lot of *faffing* work!

Is there an easy way/easier way of digitising b/w prints?
Is there workflow techniques that may be helpful in this?

I understand the difficulties with having no control over the viewing screen i.e. colour management but would like what I post to be a fair representation of what was printed, without having to go through a lengthy and time consuming process tweaking the files!
Any thoughts, workflows, hints, helps etc will be gratefully received - p.m.'s welcome if one doesn't want to post about the digital side of life here.
Apologies if this is treading off-the-path for APUG, but I hope it will be seen in the light of promoting darkroom work in a digital forum. Please move post if required.