A nice surprise! A warm welcome and a compliment on the seal kits, too. Nice way to make a very hot Saturday morning seem a bit nicer. Oh, and let's see, I received a couple of warnings...there was one on medium & large format gear. I think I successfully divorced myself from that almost 30 years ago, but occasionally I get a temptatio...nope, can't have it. Can't do that again. And what else? The size of the kits. Actually the kits have just been improved, and the improvement was done to benefit the users of medium & large format equipment. In lieu of the 1/16" neoprene (which was really sort of redundant since there was 1.5mm open-celled foam), the kits now come with a sheet of 2mm open-celled foam which was used in some medium & large format gear. But the size of the kits has not decreased and the price has remained the same...I gave up becoming another Bill Gates by selling camera light seal materials several years ago. Thanks again for the nice welcome. Oh, in case anyone here needs any, I also have some nice shutter cloth (very thin and consistent--works well in Leica and clones) & shutter ribbons, also commercial double sided pressure sensitive adhesive (for many applications including but not limited to: Leather replacement, re-shuttering, re-fastening dial covers, re-fastening lens focus ring cushions, etc.). I sell it by word of mouth since the demand is occasional.