"I can only confirm that APX 100 and APX 400 rollfilm production is already stopped for months at the Agfa plant, in fact independent of the situation by Agfa at the moment."

We shouldn´t forget that in recent years Agfa made only 2 production cycles on the roll film bases and stored the master rolls to be cut during the year.

"Latest production of 120 rollfilm have an expiration date of 2009"

Wrong. I have recently bought a huge stash of APX100/120, 300 rolls of emulsion batch 437, "expiring" by 07-2010.

"After the rescue plan which should be ready for next week we will see what is left from the Agfa products so far."

We´ll have to wait and see - I won´t regard Agfa roll film and papers to be dead yet. No need to cry "Havoc!" and "Wolf" yet.

"Further Maco will introduce some new B&W films. After the R3, the new I.R. 820-400 some other Rollei films."

Alter Wein in neuen Schlaeuchen. So what? Certainly no replacement for APX100, despite Schroeder´s marketing stunts.