There is also the Ilford special film order coming up soon for 2014:
Looks like they are offering 8"X100 foot HP5 for $426, and 10"X100 ft. FP4 for $512. Those prices may be shocking, but it seems like the last 8" Verichrome Pan I bought before it was discontinued was about $27 for an approx. 6 foot roll. Of course that was spooled and ready to go in the camera, but the cost per foot of actual film wasn't that much less than the Ilford prices. I've read that Ilford needs a certain number of total rolls ordered by everyone or they won't do a run in that size. I don't know if they have been getting enough orders for 8* and 10* the last couple of years or not. There may be more information on the Ilford website.