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Hello James,
Welcome from across the ocean. I'm in Holland, Europe.
I like your site. You have some nice images there. Some images seem to be a bit over- or underexposed. What kind of camera and film are you using?

BTW your last name "Westenbroek" sounds real dutch. Any relatives or ancestors here in Holland?

Bert from Holland
Thank you for taking the time to take a look at my images Bert.

I still haven't quite grasped full manual exposure when it comes shooting film. I have a few cameras: the Canon AE-1, Canon AE-1 Program, and a Minolta XG-M (all 35mm). As for film, it varies. I mainly just shoot what is available at the local store, which is Fujifilm Superia 200 and 400. I was able to pick up some expired Kodak Gold Plus 200 and 100 a while ago, and I've really enjoyed shooting that. When it comes to exposure, if I really want the image in the moment, I'll stick to aperture or shutter priority. Haha, I know that saying that is probably blasphemy here. This is the reason that I like to shoot digital. It gives me a chance to practice guessing exposure without suffering the cost of doing so with film.

Yes! My family is very much dutch. No relatives there (at least to my knowledge), but my ancestors are definitely from Holland.