Viewing the negative from the base side, I can readily discern density variations with the green safelite and 15 watt bulb. My safelite is about 2 1/2 feet above the tray and I have the older Kodak two lens affair (about 4" square lenses). The first times that I tried it, I checked at the times that Sandy and Clay have posted for Classic 200 and FP4 and I could see the density. Once I had an idea of what to look for then I tested a neg density on my densitometer and the density range was in that 1.30 range (peak highlight density minus shadow density).

The thing that I have noticed about Pyrocat is that the overall negative densities are much lower then ABC pyro. That is one of the factors involved in the development of this formulation of developer, as I understand from Sandy, the lower overall densities reduce printing time. Which is a big factor in Pt-pd and carbon.