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More security on airports and increasing dosis of X ray to detect bombs ... I would like to buy film in USA, much cheaper than in Belgium. Is color and B&W film equally sensitive ? 100 ASA less sensitive than 400 ASA ? Polaroid film ?
Should I clear the goods at customs when leaving USA ? At what rate if I declare it ?


Bernard Bonte
1) how much film are you talking about?

You may not have to declare--but if you do, wouldn't it be at your port of entry to the EU rather than leaving the US?

2) X-rays. I took a trip about 12 years ago where I went through about 15 x-ray machines. It even got scanned in New Dehli *leaving* the airport. I noticed no fogging at all. I don't know if they have increased the dose x-ray scanners give since then. I would actually expect it to have gone down (except for homeland security).