Ref: Blansky, They do exist together every where anyone turns. Theirs also this puritanical effort to control or even eliminate overt sexuality in public. for now this co-existance seems to keep the flagrant abuse pretty much in check I'm sorry to say it's nessesary but until society reaches the next level these two sects will have to mediate each other. It's my business choice to prove to the nude industry that we can further disect nudity, eliminate the strappings of sexuality and still create sensuously lit compositions that include the figure. If genetalia does show up in our images it's part of the hole not the focus. I selfishly avoid those areas unless it works best for the pose because people will focus on those areas rather than see the complete image. Case and point I installed two images in the standard gallery section a couple weeks ago. The image "socks" that shows the breasts has far more veiws than does OTA IX which in my opinion is the stronger image. Wheather nudity and sexuality can or cannot exist together I don't know, and don't care. I just want people to frame and place my images on their walls, In a place where they and thiers can visit the image every day! Pretty sappy but there it is.