Mankind has always separated themselves in tribes and sub-tribes and photographers are no different. One type of photog will use terms as a shorthand "in" way of speaking. Language has two functions -- to communicate, and to keep other from understanding what you are saying. Hence the development of High, Middle and Low English and German.
When big time photojournalists of a certain era (the 1960s and 1970s) wanted to compliment another photojournalist they would say "he's a shooter." Maybe they still do. And it is a free country so I don't think it's something to get all riled up about.
Yes, the terms you use are annoying but the ones I use are cool.
"Bokeh" really does mean "off in the head" in Japanese. But like everything else, the term has several meanings. When an Eskimo (Inuit) uses the term "cool" he means something different than when a Harlem musician says "cool." It's okay.