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You should be able to use the GG to focus, and replace with a roll film back to capture your image. That works for me with a Graphic camera and Graflex roll film backs. I don't know anything about Patent Etui but the same approach should apply if the roll fim back is intended to be compatible with the camera. There should be no reason for the GG/film plane to be in two different places.
Just for you Brian

My Patent Etui alongside a Crown Graphic and a 645 Ikonta

The 9x12 Patent Etui is a fraction of the weight & size of a Crown Graphic but the format is close, around the same long side but slightly narrower in the other.

The history of KW is something all Americans should read, after the Nobles swapped their D&P business to allow the Jewish owners to escape Germany, and their tragic story after WWII. The company became Praktika but under the Nobles KW were early pioneers of 35mm SLR's and eventually that led to the innovative Praktina system SLR (way ahead of Nikon).