I have only one 35mm camera now (a zorki). I use it from time to time and won't stop using it as 35mm pictures have their own charms and characteristics which would be difficult to duplicate with a medium format camera (grain, roundish perspective, e.g. pictures of Salgado, Robert Frank...) .

I just realize writing this post that I'm seriously addicted to film photography.
I thought I was cured of GAS but I bought a nice pentax 67 with its wooden handle two weeks ago.
Did I need it? No. I have already many medium format cameras (Mamiya 7ii, a C330, super 23, Moskvas, holga...) but medium format is so addictive (and our kiwi currency is so strong nowadays). The quality of the pictures, the variety of format size 6x6 6x7 & 6x9, the great feeling of the body in your hands, the ayimam red mark on your neck at the end of the day...
I often recommend people interested in film photography to start with medium format instead of 35mm for the same reasons.

I also shoot 5x7. I try to use large format as often as I can but it is hardly compatible with my family life.
It is such an effort to shoot large format that when I succeed to make a nice picture, it gives me an immense satisfaction!