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...because now I don't use my 35mm equipment much anymore and I spent a fortune on it. I'm spoiled on the relative image quality of MF. Now, I better avoid looking at that 4x5 camera I saw the other day, otherwise I might be writing a "I Hate Large Format..." thread in the near future. Anyone else have a similar experience?
I don't hate it, but I feel almost the same way. I mostly only use my 35mm now to shoot slides for projection and moving/fast subjects with print film so I can get 36 shots per body. Even then my M645 gives me 15 and I can change backs much quicker than film in my 35mm and if I pre-load inserts I can insert those faster too. I don't have my fast-ish zooms or as-fast primes, though.

I wouldn't worry about the LF so much though. I shoot 4x5 and like it, but the fact is I'm more tempted more often to get an RB67 system to replace the 4x5 than to hang up my M645 and Yashicamat. Medium format gives you probably 70% of the quality jump (especially for 6x7 or 6x9) for a tiny percentage of the hassle. Hassle with sheet film holders and dust a while and you'll see what I mean. And for the sizes I print (only up to 16x20) MF is more than good enough, again especially 6x7. I only shoot color in a rollfilm back even on my 4x5 provided I have a wide enough lens, for example, because it's affordable and won't be ruined by dust. 4x5 B&W isn't all that expensive given the shooting speed but color is.

If I could have only one it would be MF over 35mm or LF.