Agreed Michael,

It was interesting for me when I started to grasp the concept of latitude and that we didn't actually ever print everything available from a given film/frame and that our prints generally only represented a fraction of what a given negative held.

When I came back to film I started with slides and was coming from digital where I loved shooting jpeg. It was really tough coming to grips with the thought that what I did with the camera/film only had a general relationship to the print, not an absolute one. That the print I just made was just one possible interpretation of many.

With this realization I started testing the latitude and was amazed just how far one can stray (in EI terms) and still make nice prints, just as expected. Finding the limits of that range, for any given film/developer combo, allows for a great amount of creative freedom and spontaneity without worrying about whether or not I got something workable. It also moved me away from thinking my camera work had screwed my print, at least in most cases.