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... They all seemed particularly impressed by the Grafmatic filmholder, and one asked, "Is that a new thing?" I told him they've been around for at least 60 years (probably about as long as he'd been around), and explained their even older ancestor, the bag mag.

Grafmatic's are in fact a fairly new device. I'm pretty sure they came out either in 1950, or a year or so later, so they're in fact NOT at least 60 years old, but rather a new device obviously designed for young folks that have a need for speed!

I have a bunch of them, and love them! At the moment I only have a couple of bag mags, but both of them are the new style, with patent dates from 1920! I used to have one of the older style plate bag mags, but I sold it along with my Super D.

Another back that's kind of interesting is the Kinematic back. It's similar to a grafmatic (in fact some of the parts are SO similar that I often wonder if they weren't made by the same company), except they hold 10 shots, and don't seem to be made quite as nicely as the grafmatics are (the mechanism seems cheaper). I have a couple of them, but only one is usable, the other needs work.

About the only comment I've gotten when out taking pictures was from my neighbor, she looked at some of my pictures, and then asked why anyone would want a camera that only 'does' black & white? I tried to explain that the camera would 'do' any type of film I put into it, but realized fairly quickly that I was wasting my time.

Oh, one time when I was photographing a street festival here in town a person asked if I was from the newspaper, but that was it.