Well. guys, I know a lot of what is in this thread is tongue-in-cheek, and I can certainly understand the feeling - having had equivalents of that question in other hobbies of mine ( like cars: "what do you have in that thing?!" about a completely bone stock car. answer: "a driver..." or model airplanes "is that one of them ready to flys?" about a model that I spend months crafting...). So I am no stranger to the sentiment, and no, I don't have a high tolerance for stupidity - quite the contrary. But let me propose a little theory:
A person asking you this question is trying their darnest to get your interest by attempting to show some knowledge, or perhaps knowing the status of a Hasselblad - trying to flatter you. Now, however back-handed or foot-in-mouth it comes out, lets cut these people some slack. If they are just looking to start a "my digital is better than that really expensive old thing" argument - you will know soon enough and can insult them and their intelligence until they run away crying - please, please do! But if they are not, why not share your knowledge with them? Why not let them have the benefit of your knowledge, at least a little? You know, our love for traditional photography is fallen on hard times as it is - we should be good ambassadors for the hobby (and in many cases profession). Take a second or two (I know, you don't always have it - I am not saying put up with someone who is an inconsiderate pest - see the digifreak point above) and give them some input. Not knowing does not equal stupidity. Often, this may be the only exposure these people will have to a knowledgeable afficionado of traditional photography - if each one of us at least plants the seed with one newcomer asking silly questions, it will be of benefit to all of us down the road and to photography itself. What do you say guys - lets not be so harsh - there is new bloodout there, lets use our knowledge to bring it in! A little explanation may go a long way towards sparking a genuine interest, or blowing some air on a dormant spark.

I know I got a little too serious, perhaps - but I think I have a point - don't you?