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For whatever reason the US standard for photography has always been to put the short dimension first. 5x4 and 10x8 do sound weird to us, but I imagine 4x5 and 8x10 sound equally odd to people who are used to the other version.
The strange thing is that whilst I always use 5x4, I also usually say 8x10 rather than 10x8 which is a bit odd.

Metric sizes too are normally quoted short side first, whatever the country. e.g. 24mm x 36mm, 6x9, 6,12, etc. These are all vertical first. It would be silly to describe a panoramic camera as 17x6 although entirely logical!

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All coordinates, graph designations. etc. I can think of always put the horizontal element first.
I seem to have proven myself wrong by finding more exceptions to the rule than things which adhere to it. A bit like the i before e except after c fallacy.