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Personally, to me main benefit of Leica M is in frame lines, which gives me precise framing. Getting any lens which doesn't match the frame lines makes no sense to me.

I owned CV 35 P LTM version, it was razor sharp wide open. Sold it with Bessa R and purchased PII M mount version of the same lens for my M4-2.
Also good lens in terms of sharpness and details in the scan and on the print. Nothing particular in the character, but I prefer 50mm lenses if I want something special in the rendering.
The M2s 35mm frame is closer to 40mm than 35mm, so many 40mm lenses have their lug filed to show the 35mm frame rather than 50mm. Leica changed the frame sizes for the M6 and later I think.

Cosina say the 35mm LTM and M have the same optic design.