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Isn't that our mission in life - to become MASTERS of suggestion - hypnosis? Picasso once said, "The moment you lie for the sake of beauty - you are an artist."

Pretty "heady" sentiment. I would hope that my mission was something more than that...
This could eventually migrate to a Monty Python script: "The Meaning of Life, Part II - The APUG Connection"

I really did not mean that to be a statement of exclusion - Not the *only* mission - but one of the "directions we take" in an important part of - at least to me - our lives.

I understand where Picasso was coming from - Art is not an accurate, mechanical, emotionless, 1:1 duplication of the subject (subject in the broadest of terms) but a representaion of our internal image of it. I'm reminded of Magritte's "Ceci n'est pas une pipe" - "This is Not a Pipe". - or as it is known by its formal name - "The Treachery of Images". If you were to show someone this painting and ask, "What is this?", their answer would invariably be, "A Pipe". It is not - it is a PAINTING of a pipe... but we are routinely "suggestified" - hypontized - to seeing A PIPE, and not a painting. In a way, on some level in art, we are - not really LYING - but depending on the "communication of an untruthful assumption."

Possibly another example - the photographs we carry with us on our Driver's Licenses - or other identification: cold, hard, emotionless and unforgivingly truthful images. The really accomplished Portarit Photographer will "shade" the truth - not a whole, flat out lie, but something that will, "hypnotically" alter our perceptions of the subject - for the "sake of beauty".

We can make a truthful image of a bridge - an orthogonal three-view projection - a blueprint - that truthfully describes the bridge dimensionally and we can expand our knowledge of the bridge with details and bills of materials. Truth, but that doesn't connect with our internal perception of the bridge - its "bridgeness" in its environment.

Speaking of bridges, I remember a *wonderful* photgraph by Brassai - a bridge in Paris - in the mists, at night, with illumination from haloed street lamps across its span - a long time exposure. Wonderful "mood" - it hyponitized the hell out of me. I could "feel" the fog, the stillness... hear the water flowing beneath it .... all "untruths" ...

...But essential to us as human beings. I don't think we could possibly exist and function without these day-to-day alterations of our perceptions.