I thought I would follow up.

Gralab makes something called a contractor. It lets you put more power into the timer then the rated watts. Aristo [the cold light people] also sell a unit with the same name and features. I'm guessings it's just a gralab. I don't know how much the Gralab costs but the Aristo one seems to be about $100+ US.

OTOH I picked up a second Gralab 300 on the cheap. Main reason was I wanted a backup and the price was less then even thinking about getting one fixed. Now you're going to ask doesn't this timer have the same problems? Yup but I can plug one light into each timer. Plug the timers into something like a switched power bar. The powerbar switch then becomes the one off switch for the timers. Obviosly this wouldn't work with a digital timer but with a pair of 300 it shoud be fine.