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Thanks for your answers, I never realized i would start such a debate but most agree that H&D curves are for classroom only; to work out the tonal range of film and contrast of the film under normal conditions and normal processing. The old guy does have a certain "im master of photography realm" attitude but his images are actually quite plain jane...give me sarah moon any day.........and whom is bruce barnham and what is his book ? it appears he pops up quite alot in this forum........

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ade (my fault but my name isn't "Ta" - "Ta" means thank you in england or Australia)
Ah...sorry about the Ta, Ade... the attitude is not such a big deal but what I find inexcusable is that this guy is teaching and giving out the wrong information. I dont know what the circumstances are, if this is a college or just a workshop, but he should be challanged to explain his methodology after all he is not Moses spreading the word of God...no? :P

Bruce Barbaum is an excellent photographer and is better known for his printing techniques. He is a regular contribuitor to Photo Techniques magazine and advocates the use of local contrats enhancement by using bleaching among another techniques. As Eric said, check him out his prints are beautiful.