Hi Folks,
I don't expect EVERYBODY would be able to help me out with this one... but I just bought a 500c/m (haven't had one for about 15 years!) - and was considering the possibility of using 70mm with it. The backs seem cheap enough. In considering the availability of film - I saw a thread over at photo.net saying you could get tri-x (not my pref.) on special order from Kojak for a $4K min order (eeps!). At any rate, it's POSSIBLY workable if I can find some people to go in on it. Though i'd really prefer FP4.

But my question is THIS: Does anyone know where I can find 70mm film in Ilford emulsions - WITHOUT a min. order?

ALSO: Does ANYBODY know where I might be able to find a 6x12 back (for 4x5 of course) that might spool 70mm cassettes?? HUGELY unlikely it seems - but you never know - right?

Thanks much.