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I think that, for myself today, I try to keep things on a simpler plane. I follow the eastern precepts of experiencing things directly. Excluding so much as possible those ego driven constraints that do truly alter ones perceptions of reality, to which you alluded.
I don't think that I share your view that we could not function well without that aspect in place within us. Perhaps we would function better if we got the inflated view of ourselves out of the way.
Just my view...nuff said.
I don't take it as "just your view" - to do so would be to trivialize what must be an important concept.

Was it William Blake who said something like "Most of us are trying - very hard - to see the world as it really is - and the unfortunate ones among us will succeed - and be terrified."

I by no means advocate complicated intricacy - there is a wonderful advantage in simplicity - and accepting the world, not soley by reason, but by ... I was going to write "faith" - but I think "aesthetics" is more accurate' if also clumsier.

I know what you mean by "not letting our `self' cloud our peception of the world" and WITH the phrase "as much as possible", I'll agree with the concept - but possibly, instead of "as much as possible" we could subtitute "to an inapproprite degree". Involving one's self is not invariably a bad idea - when were become one with our work we will be at our best. That involvement will *prevent* us from making Driver's License portraits.
At the same time, it is a greater error to overdo - to become so self-conscious that we lose sight of the moment.

I will confess to being a student of Gestalt Psych .. and Jung's "Man and His Symbols" is one of my favored "bathroom books".

Can we survive without "hypnotic" symbols? Possibly, but not as easily as with them. When we look into our rear view mirror, and see flashing red lights, hear a siren, and read the word "AMBULANCE" unreversed - we perceive a powerful symbol-set mandating "GET OUT OF THE WAY - FAST".
-And that is quickly and efficiently understood - without the need for conscious thought or reasoning. It is a product of our altered perception - we experience much more than flashing colored light, a noisemaker, and a bunch of letters.

Enough. Time to shake hands with Jim Beam, and gripe to my wife about this really miserable weather.

I've heard it is so bad in France that some women are running around, outside, in their unmentionables ... and I'm over here...