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As upsetting as it is to accept, ... I've come up with equally dismal results. So I can [sort of] concur. Evidence the shutter is in bad need of CLA. And even then I doubt the speeds could come up to actual marked speeds and stay that way for more than a year. ... But I also believe his numbers are the sad truth.
It is simply wishful thinking to expect older clockwork leaf shutters to give full speed; even newer ones are notoriously slow at higher marked speeds.

That does not necessarily mean that they are inaccurate, however. Once you know that your 1/500 is really 1/160 or whatever, then just use that. If you really need reliable speeds faster than about 1/125, get a camera with a focal-plane shutter.

FWIW I test my shutters by sound (ms between opening and closing peaks) and have very consistent results through the range of speeds. I use mostly smaller apertures, and thereby eliminate much of the opening-closing light loss. When I get my shutters CLAd, I always ask the tech to check the shutter speeds optically at f/22 and give me a list. This goes on the lensboard so I can use it in the field.