1). I bought 2 * 100 feet of the 120 backing paper during the ULF 2013 run.
2). I also bought 2 * 50 feet of 70mm unperforated HP5+.
3). I slit 150 cm lengths of the 70mm film down to a width of approximately 60.5mm using a home made slitter.
4). Using the 120 backing paper I made "tops" and "tails" and printed my own "start" mark on the "tops"; each unit of 120 backing paper will furnish two 220 "tops" and two 220 "tails".
5). Thus the process of making 220 roll film from the above is very easy.
6). If bulk lengths of 120 rolls were made available in the ULF 2014 run (these are presumably available in-house during the standard 120 rollfilm production anyway), 3) above could be eliminated; this step is anyway the most finicky and potentially error prone.

Therefore, could 120 bulk lengths be included within or without the annual ULF run?

Best wishes,

Richard Hughes.