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Why a 35mm lens with RF is an odd combination? Many RF cameras have lenses with focal length around that.
A 35mm lens has such a large DoF that a rangefinder is hardly needed. This is a much discussed point regarding the XA. The focus scale only has four marks (in feet): 2.8, 4, 8 and infinity. And 8 is shown as the hyperfocal. The XA1 does quite nicely as a fixed focus, with a lens only one stop slower.

The Stylus is also a great little camera, actually smaller than the XA and with a built in flash. It does suffer from the auto-focus curse, though. The program tends toward a large aperture and fast shutter speed, apparently because the designers felt camera shake was a problem. But even with this, it takes some beautiful shots. And the meter has always been spot on with slide film (of course, I've never had meter accuracy issues with any Oly!)