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Tri-X will be $9.50 a roll now in Japan! Absolutely amazing how Kodak is positioning themselves in the market.
Well it depends on what you pay for Fuji or Ilford by this fall - because in my shop


Trix is comparable in GBP already Ja and USA prices have been cheap.

The only Trix I have ever bought is the 220 but it has gone years ago.

HP5+ is only cheaper in bulk


I use rebrands and cine film already some short ends some decades old.

Your increases are Kodak Alaris Yen %s Eastman Kodak upped all the cine materials and film 15% in Jan14. Alaris should have had agreements with EK when they spun off so more than 15% is possibly either supply chain risk management or KA greed or both.

Resellers might reduce stock holdings and increase margins.

So Id expect some panic buying of film.

Lemmings are us.