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You should read mysteries of the vortex http://www.film-and-darkroom-user.or...php?t=296print (part 1) and http://www.google.co.uk/url?sa=t&sou...xR9J8jKXQhoped (part 2). It was written by the owner of Silverprint and is a thorough investigation of FB print washing.

Basic conclusion is you need surprisingly little water but you do need movement of water over the paper surface to aid defusion of fixer out of the paper.

HCA and short fix times are your friend.

I use fewer changes of water but regular manual agitation to wash my prints.
Thanks for the link! Great article. Looks like short fix times can go a long way in saving water. I'm going to copy the article for my reference.

Times have change. When I was a kid in the town of Sacramento, people wasted water. The town has access to to rivers. The Sacramento River and the American River. People used to use their hoses to spray leaves off their lawns and washed their sidewalks.