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I am traveling to southern Italy in the beginning of next month where I will be hiking at about 1500-2000 meters altitude. I expect sunshine, but who knows really(?). So my question is what film to bring. I will use a Fuji GA645i medium format compact. Largest aperture is 4 and fastest shutter speed is merely 1/400s. I will shoot nature, people, mostly outdoors, mainly B/W.

I am mostly concerned about the rather slow shutter speeds the camera is capable of and thus I might have to use a slow film. But bringing too much slow film is risky, as it may be under exposed too easily. Faster film like e.g 400 requires faster speeds which I don't have. An ND filter might be able to help me out, but this is all about experience and I lack that. I have loads of PAN F, some FP4 and a few HP5+ in the fridge.

Does anyone have any good advice?

Just so that you're aware, if you stop down to f/11 or smaller, the GA645 is capable of 1/700.

When I'm seriously unsure about light and other conditions and I want to shoot B&W, I usually opt for either Fuji Neopan 400CN or Ilford XP2. You can expose them at EIs between 100 to 800 on the same roll and still good results. Check out the published specifications for these films; both are C41 process B&W films made by Ilford.

For colour film in similar situations, I usually opt for Kodak Portra 400.