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Thanks Tom1956, I think you'll understand I'm not disappointed at all... I've got shutter speeds I can use.

It's interesting how far the speeds are from nominal, which illustrates the often-heard expression: your light meter is probably the most accurate piece of equipment you have.

It's also a good learning experience for me... Now I know how to verify shutters of any camera, and this will help me when it comes to interpreting other people's Zone System tests... Because the Zone System calibration is designed to incorporate shutter speed variations in the personal EI. I now understand some people may "correctly" arrive at an EI that is higher than rated speed.
And that's why on another forum about X-ray film and 8x10 cameras, I've seen guys claiming they're getting ASA 200 and 400 and other outlandish speeds out of X-ray film, when I'm lucky to be getting ASA 50. I've tested my shutter, and I don't think those guys have. I've seen 1/500 marked barely top out above 1/100. I know the truth.