I have a boatload of 11X14 kodak graphic arts film I just started playing with. I enlarged a few negatives, then contacted the positive to get a final enlarged negative. I'm using LD-20 at about 1+1+6 with pretty good results considering I'm just fooling around (flatbed scanner is in storage, sorry no examples.)

Seems it's a lot like lith printing, the way the image comes up. It seemed like the addition of some restrainer (benzo) resulted in a little smoother image, not so hard and graphic. Does this work the same way as lith printing?

And it seems like making both the positive and final negative in lith developer, the positive has graphic feel to it and then it really gets compounded when making the final negative? Can this be controlled with using a non-lith developer for either stage? If so, what is recommended?

Anyways, I can see this process can be a lot of fun, and I have enough materials to last. Any experiences or recs greatly appreciated.