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To Simons point...

The clientele have changed. If I told the wedding planner/bride that I was only giving them 16 images for their wedding album, they would probably cry, and not hire me for sure, when I tell them "I only give the best 200 images, they say "but can't we just have the others unedited? We want them all!" It's a digital issue, they will never look at them, or even post them, but they WANT them all, just to have.

Anyway, 13 out of 20 isn't too bad
I think you're right on this point. I did weddings back in the 70s. I was shooting 6x6 and took 5 rolls of color film. I do not remember ever loading the 5th roll, and usually didn't finish the 4th. I had a routine, which I had discussed with the principle parties way ahead of time, to ensure that I got the important (read: salable) shots. I generally delivered 40-45 proofs, and prints were ordered from about 10-15. That's not to say that the others weren't good (OR that the ones ordered were) it's just that those dozen images told the story and got the "smiles".

The difference is that the client was buying prints. Now, they buy a CDROM, and it should have ALL the pictures.

As for the prints, I know of one that's still hanging on the couple's wall after 40+ years, and I've seen others posted on Facebook!

Where will those discs be in 40 years?

Sorry - sort of got off on a tangent here.