Available here until my eBay selling limit resets at the end of the month...

For Sale ...

My Arca Swiss 8x10 F Camera plus lens boards...

- Copal #3 171x171 Arca Lens Board
- Copal #1 171x171 Arca Lens Board
- 171x171 to 110x110 Arca Lens Board Adaptor
- 171x171 to 110x110 Something that isn't Arca Lens Board Adaptor (it's slightly deeper - see photos).
- 110 x 110 Arca Copal #3 Lens Board x 2
- 110 x 110 Arca Copal #1 Lens Board
- 110 x 110 Arca Copal #0 Lens Board

See the photos for details - The camera is in excellent condition, the bellows are perfect, viable with lenses from 120 to 800mm T lenses. I upgraded the ground glass and fresnel to the latest version this year. All the bubble levels are fine (I replaced a few which had gone dry). The bale back is very smooth and pleasant to use. Rail is 40cm split extension version for ~70cm total extension. I am selling to finance an Ebony 8x10.

(Of course the tripod / head in the bottom of some pictures is not included).

Ships from Australia.

$4350 USD + Shipping.

The Camera !

Full Extension

Compact for storage

Bale back.

Lens boards and adaptors etc.