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Just to return to this for a moment. If you have a film camera then the only thing you can do to comply with your delete/destroy /surrender is to take the whole film out, expose to light and destroy the whole roll

Are you saying you'd do this even if the other 15/35 frames were not of the person who objected to the photo after you had taken the exposure? Your quote above implies that this was an after-the-event occurrence. If you had checked with the person in advance and he/she had objected then none of the above options of delete/destroy/ surrender would have arisen.

If the picture is taken with a digital camera it is simple to show the person, who is objecting, the picture and delete in his presence. No such method is open to a film photographer.
Well, if you have a camera with multiexposure, you can just blank the frame with a long exposure.

If not, you'll have t discuss a solution with the other person. But ultimately I would give up the film if necessary. It's never happened, but I would. The photographer is responsible for his photos and the loss of the roll would be on the photographer.

I behave respecfully with a camera and I have not had any confrontations at all. I have deleted a few digital images because the subject was uncomfortable with the way they came out in the photo, but it was done in a mutually friendly tone.