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To Simon's points, I agree generally, but would point out that when I shot weddings, I tended to shoot two different types of photos.
The "money" shots - the ones critical to the event and those that are expected of an experienced professional; and
The grace note shots - the ones that record the nuances, the unexpected memorable moments, the moments in and around the oments of the day that aren't necessarily expected, but certainly form the fabric of the memories.
The latter type of shots are quite unstructured, and usually involve more shots, and a few more failures.
The photographer's work isn't really a success unless both types of shots are accomplished with some vision and flare.
Im with Stone normally I just shot candits as there was a pro as well shooting formal, but ocassionally there was not! I still shot informals.

Typically 250 off 135 (kchrome 25) frames, at 6 foot

Some people asked for rejects they normally printed ok - - metering off brides nose with dome incident reliable.

Computer flash bounced off ceiling indoors.

Brides liked their dress highlights burnt, 'the slides are optimised for projection with high wattage on bead screen, but a printer could make them lighter, ...' was the answer, I normally handed over the rejects as well.

I normally demonstrated them on king sized white cotton sheets staple gunned to wall - ceiling to floorboards with 5cm projector lens, ie big like in cine theatre.

Single coated lenses with deep hoods, even in 90s for pastel and flare. Kchrom25 was nice.