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Some film manufacturers have huge problems with a lack of credibility. Others have huge reservoirs credibility built from histories of dealing honestly with their customer bases.

Harman Technology Ltd. resides in the latter group.
the Whole Idea of the ULF runs each year to to provide Harmon's customers with stock in sizes needed to use various no longer supported cameras. thus the long list of obscure sheet sizes, both American and European. Thay have also been Kind enough to try and make some obscure roll sizes, that otherwise whould be difficult or imposible to emulate.

While I am sure that Simon would love if he could throw the tarp off the 220 film machine and offer 20 roll pro-packs of 220 as part of the ULF run, it is clear from earlier posts that the old machine would take a lot of reworking to get up and running, it was probably an early computer controled machine and we all know how quickly computer stuff gets out of date. No doubt it would require rebuilding hardware and software from the ground up to get it into production. They have run the numbers and the business case is NOT there. Just look at the edge printing on current Ilford 120 vs the Ilford 120 from 20 years ago to see that the current machine is a totally different animal.

220 equipment can probably be modified for 120, in most cases by twisting the settings.