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I have a special soft spot for that camera because at the time, 1985, my first wife was fighting cancer and the very last picture I have of her, sitting in a easy chair with a big smile on her face, was taken with that camera. She died 5 days later. Soon after I sent the print out to make regular film copies for the family and as insurnance in case the original faded. The technology was fairly new and I wasn't sure of it's keeping qualities.
Sorry about your wife; I'm glad you got a great picture of her. The dark keeping properties of the early Kodak films were pretty good, but sometimes you got a little dirty smudge on the print borders around the image, I've got lots of images from that time that are in very good shape. The later films used metalized dyes with very good light fade properties, even when the prints were still damp. The Instax films use improved metalized dyes.