I have a sealed 25 sheet pack of 400Tmax expires 09/2015.

Current price at B&H is $110 for a 50 sheet box so $55.

I will also trade for in date equal value ....

2 25 sheet boxes of Delta100
2 25 sheet boxes of HP5+
1 20 sheet box of Acros100

I'm also of course willing to trade for Velvia50/Velvia100 but doubtful since it's more money for that.

I'm also willing to trade for any standard boxes of 8x10 but again, doubtful.

Anyway, please let me know. Below are two pictures of the original box, and I'll probably end up shipping it in a different box, but you get the idea. Always stored frozen, de-thawed in the fridge before first pack removed, and then returned to freezer, always in a ziplock bag and then a snapwear (locking tupperwear type container) to keep additional moisture out.