I'm trying to contain my excitement at finally securing my father's 1963-64 Minox B. I want so much to start using it, and the steps to getting up and running are many and complex. That's fine, I'm a semi-patient man.

It occurs to me that I need to keep things in perspective before I go racing off to buy a film slitter, retrofit a Jobo tank for 16mm reels, etc. The first step is to make certain I have a functioning camera. So I ask the wise men and women out there, only because I haven't successfully found the answer myself after days of searching: how do I determine if it's working (in particular, the selenium light metre, because the rest of the camera makes some lovely, high-precision sounds when I click the shutter and advance the frame) and if the light metre is NOT working, am I in trouble? Can I use the sunny 16 rule, or is that not possible with the Minox B? And if repair is in order first, to whom do you suggest I send it?

Thanks, I'm delighted to be here. Australia is a tough place for an analogue photographer.

Buzz Kimball