I don't know if Minox film is commercially available now. You can check if this guy is still around and filling orders. I remember reading that for a while he was not responding to orders (illness?) but now back. But verify before sending any money. And I believe Blue Moon Camera in Portland, OR processes Minox film (not sure how you're splitting your time between AU and Seattle). They may know about film sources.

You mention a 16mm reels. Minox film is 9.5mm wide (8x11 frame), so you need an 9.5mm reel. Stainless steel reels were made (have one), and they pop up reasonably frequently on ebay. If you google around, you'll see other options for processing Minox film that will work at least as a temporary solution. They are typically variants of rolling the film around a tube, which is essentially what the Minox daylight tank does.

You can always tray develop to test the camera (assuming you have a darkroom). I've used a 1x35mm tank with my 1 8mm reel and a spacer cut from plastic pipe.

There is a Yahoo Submini Group, but not a lot of activity there.

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