Re: Using EV or more accurately, Additive Photographic Exposure System with pinhole. There are a number of well-written but technical websites discussing this, such as the Doug Kerr and John Lind sites. Some of the practical benefits get buried under the techical blah-blah and I think that turns some sensitive artists off to EV.

I guess a picture's worth a thousand words.

shows a chart I made for a specific camera/filter/film combination. It was taped on the back of the camera.

Ignoring for the moment where in the world I got 0.85 stop for a K2 filter (I took some readings thru a spotmeter and maybe averaged them?),

I enter the pinhole f/#, film speed in ISO and number of filter stops if used, and a light meter reading in EV. My spreadsheet determines an aperture value, then from EV = AV + TV, corrects for ISO other than 100 and any filters used and determines a time value.

By pre-printing this, all I need to do is read my EV lightmeter, look on the chart for the meter reading and adjacent to it the time required. Reciprocity failure can be worked into it also.