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One of the few times that I will post one of my photographs on the internet.
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One of the main reasons I bought mine. I had a 50mm Distagon for some wide shots when I shot weddings and had a heck of a time with distortion on some shots. The SWC was a dream compared to the 50mm, but like the 50mm, it was only used for certain settings. Another trick for shooting candid, street type shots is to take the finder off, stick it in your pocket an use it like a TLR. Hold it at chest or waist level, point at or near your subject matter, center the bubble and then trip the shutter. No noise and you're not looking at your subject so they don't have a clue. Of course you'll have to use a film like HP5+/THY2 so you have enough shutter speed and aperture to play the DOF game. If you can shoot at around f11 and have a speed of 1/60th or higher you'll be king of the sidewalk. Just watch your red DOF guide bars and you're all set. A very simple, but very capable camera. JW