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So tempted to make a joke about Leica and the word "tool" hehe

I agree though, I think the Leica is an excellent camera, I just think a lot of hot shot people with money buy them just to have one without the ability to use then to their fullest capabilities. Probably an affect of the kind of mindset it takes to make that kind of cash is a lot different than the kind of mind to make an artistic image, we think differently, and it takes a special type to be both good at making imagery that is captivating AND the ability to make lots of money...
I agree that Leica is a brand that is highly desirable, and many buy them for collecting, bragging rights, or feel-good. I do know many photographers whom I have a lot of respect for that use a Leica to very good effect. Some of them are here on APUG, even, albeit to a very limited degree. Unlike us they are out there using them, and not arguing whether they look cool or not.

Oh, and I don't think all photographers are in it for the money. I certainly am not. I pretty much know I will never be famous or great, and therefore don't chase making money with my photography. I don't care about that. I care about the practice of photography, the discipline of trying to see great things in life worth documenting, and then attempting to capture it in a way where I can hopefully affect other people positively or emotionally. The better I become at that the more satisfied I will be as a person, and I believe this satisfaction can't be purchased. It is earned, and therein lies the satisfaction of going through life and feeling as though I have accomplished something good. Even if it's just very minor or even barely noticeable.

That's why I feel sorry for those who buy all of the cool brand things just to look cool. There is no lasting substance to that. You have to find a meaningful way to enjoy them, or else what's the point?