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"do you copyright ( or non- us equiv ) ?"

You do if you're professional: Photo Biz > Copyrighting
hi ROL

i am a professional, have been since 1986, but i have never sold a negative or 1st-generation image ( or digital file ) as "art"
i have also been selling "art" (whatever that means) that isn't commercial art but sold through galleries &c since around the same time
-- portraits &c and things i called "hybrid" photographs made back in the 1990s which were assemblages and things that existed for only as long
as i enlarged the image and after the SINGLE IMAGE was made the assembled camera made+non camera made negative ( that is the hybrid part )
was removed + disassembled so the print couldn't be made again ... but again, i have never sold a NEGATIVE as part of the artwork ..
just like i have never sold a transparency, just images made from them, and they had limited use, not full use, or full transfer of ownership,
i have also sold full on complete negatives and prints, but i still retain the copyright so i am permitted to reuse print, publish &c the image

thanks for your questions and comments, i think i just answered my own question in answering this post.
i will copyright the negatives and treat them like they are a transparency ... and even thought if/when i sell the work/s
and explicitly explain there are no rights granted &c if i find they did/do i will go after them as i would a commercial client
who uses without permisision ...