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I tried buying negs once - the photographer of my wedding was going out of business and offered to sell them to us for more money than I wanted to pay... so it never happened. But the interesting thing is that he wanted to retain his copyright and assign all other rights - print, duplicate, destroy, venerate, fold, spindle or mutilate, etc - to me. I think he intended that to include both personal and commercial purposes but can't recall exactly if that wasmentioned. It seems as though, had I bought them, I could do whatever I wanted to do except falsely claim that I was the cerator of the image.
Too bad it never happened for you... I had a great relationship with my wedding photographer, and I have the negatives to do what I will. Though 6x4.5 won't give me the thrill of Platinum I envisioned that day... it makes an awesome Silver Gelatin print.