I have never handled the bessa, but have used a number of manual 35mm rangefinders over the years. A couple years ago I bought a G2, and I can give you my opinion for what it is worth. Keep in mind that up until getting the G2 I have never used, or owned, any auto-anything type camera. The newest and most automatic type machine I had was a 25yr old pentax k1000. I guess I have always been something of a luddite. The G2 was a huge change and big leap of faith. The G2 is one hell of a camera. The lenses are as good, or better than anything out there. The camera itself is superbly well built. Even for someone who has never used auto focus, auto exposure, auto wind type cameras, the operation is very intuitive, and is much faster in operation than anything I was ever able to do with a manual 35mm rangefinder. The meter is great, the auto focus works perfectly as long as I do my job. I was really worried about the thing being loud, but have not found this to be the case, despite what people write about it. I have had no trouble with the auto focus that others have written about.I have not kept track of prices, but when I got mine, there were a bunch of rebates going on and I got the body, 28,45,90mm lenses for about the same , or less, as I would have had to pay for a Leica M with maybe one lens.
My only concern about the camera is that if the batteries die, it is a paper weight.So when traveling, I carry extra batteries.These are simply great cameras, about as good as it gets.