I'd agree with Andrew's take on the pros and cons. The cameras are different enough that you'd probably have a preference for one. I find the R3A with trigger winder to be fast, and given my mindset, I prefer the more manual operation. One other thing I'd say you should consider is the finder. The Bessa is 1:1, so you can use it with both eyes open and see the finder frame floating in space. I love that, but you might not care.

I've never handled a G2, already had several lenses on hand to fit the R3A mount, and really wanted a 1:1 finder, so it was a no-brainer for me to pick the R3A, and I'm not disappointed. The only drawback I've heard is that the rangefinder goes out vertically with a good bump. Like the G2, the R3A is dead without a battery, so I carry extras, and usually an extra body that needs no batteries.

See if you can get your hands on both. Not easy, but probably worth some effort if you can do it. I suspect it would become clear pretty quickly which suits you.